Club Plan Update   17/05/2018

The recently adopted club plan - see About Us section of website for full plan-  has recommended that we as a club establish a Coaching Committee. 

We are happy to advise our members that the committee was ratified at our most recent Executive meeting and the the new team will be lead by Sean McCarthy, the full committe is :

Sean McCarthy, Eleanor ni  Dhuill, Eoin Fitzpatrick, Kevin Murray, Ivan O'Mahony, Mick Dillon, Donal Murray, Ger Cunningham,  

Coaching Committee : Role and Responsibilities: 

  • oversee all coaching activities and the formulation of related strategies
  • develop and implement a Coaching Programme to provide the best possible coaching for all our teams, to facilitate training and promote best practice at all levels 
  • address the education of coaches to a certified level
  • provide a clear pathway for player development from Street Leagues to adult games
  • put in place a coaching structure which will provide individual player assessment and development, and ensure that management teams apply one-to-one advice 
  • develop cohesion and consistency in our teams’ style of play from Street Leagues to adult levels in order to maximise skills
  • provide a plan for the retention of players
  • monitor best practice developments from both within our Associations and from other sources as applicable
  • ensure compliance with “Our Games Our Code”, which is the Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport, when working with underage players
  • support our Code of Behaviour through all of its activities with the aim of ensuring that training and games are conducted in a safe environment for both players and coaches. It will promote discipline and respect towards match officials, team mates, opposition and spectators 
  • assist our Children’s Officer to ensure that all team coaches and mentors attend the GAA/ISC Child Protection in Sport Awareness Workshop and are Garda Vetted
  • provide social media information to make coaches aware of the impact of social media in positive and negative ways
  • maintain a database of coaching credentials of all Club coaches to ensure we have a clear record of all available coaches and their qualifications at all times



Our existing management teams and coaches will be valued and supported to facilitate their continued contribution. Our Coaching Committee will ensure the development of new coaches by offering education, advice, resources and mentoring. It will identify talented individuals who are potentially good coaches. It will provide opportunity for players, former players and other interested parties to become involved in coaching. Former players have valuable experience and knowledge and will be actively encouraged to become involved in coaching and the preparation of teams at all levels. 


Coach Education

Our Coaching Committee will make sure that every player is coached by a person qualified to the appropriate level and that our coaches will be equipped for the coaching role they take on. It will ensure that the best possible tuition is provided for our coaches in order for them to pass on their knowledge to our players.


Coaching Qualifications

There are two coaching courses available that are of particular interest to coaches. The Foundation Award is the introductory award for coaches and is aimed at beginner coaches. The Award 1 Course is the second award on the coaching pathway of Gaelic Games and is aimed at those who have progressed through the Foundation Award and have experience as a coach. Our Coaching Committee will ensure that all our coaches have completed at least the Foundation Level coaching course. We will aim to have all our coaches at Award 1 level over time. To provide an ongoing bank of tutors, a coach from each of the codes will be qualified as Coach Tutors on an annual basis. The coach recruitment programme will include a target number of coaches to meet the requirements of our teams. 


Coaching Programme 

The development of a Coaching Programme is central to achieving the highest standards of coaching and player performance within our Club. This Programme will set out a coordinated approach to coach education, coaching best practice, team preparation and motivation. It will provide support to coaches in the form of coaching materials, teaching aids and workshops. The Programme will include detailing our Club’s interaction with our schools with a view to increasing the extent of coaching support provided.