Club Songs

Long Life to the Gallant Old Blues

Long Life to the Gallant Old Blues
Come now I will ask you remember
And listen to what I will say
On Sunday the seventh of November
Blackrock and St. Finbarr’s did play.

For the title of Cork County Champions
Which went the All-Ireland as well
But when the full whistle had sounded
Blackrock had a sad tale to tell.

Cork’s team had defeated Tipperary
At their third and glorious attempt
And when they put paid to Kilkenny
Now that was a glorious event.

The Cork team comprised two from the Army
One from Cloughduv and Kinsale
Ten from Blackrock and Joe Kearney
One Finbarr to bring back the tale.

Sean Og was congratulated
In Cork and Thurles likewise
As captain he richly deserved it
For his team had won the great prize.

Now of all the Cork teams represented
Blackrock were by far declared best
But the Sunday they met the St. Finbarr’s
Twas then they were put to the test.

‘Twas a glorious sight on that Sunday
When the Rockies’ fifteen were led in
By Sean Og in their green and gold jerseys
A fine team of well-trained young men.

Then in came Danny Coughlan and his trim team
Togged out in the old Royal Blue
The spectators cheered both fifteens
And wondered what Finbarr’s could do.

The first goal was scored by St. Finbarr’s
Each man was playing his part
But the Rockies were leading at half-time
‘Twas a rather hard game from the start.

Two men were put off from the Rockies
And one from St. Finbarr’s ’tis true
The referee warned all players
‘Any more of this stuff will not do’.

From the moment the second half started
Blackrock piled the score up ’tis true
And they thought that they had us downhearted
When the lead became three goals and two.

But our boys put the steam up that moment
Descendants of great hurling stock
We needed four clean goals to win it
Some task for the boys from the Lough.

Dannix Ring, Mick O’Connell, Joe Kearney,
Danny Coughlan and ‘Batna’ so small
Fought hard for the coveted laurels
Blackrock had their backs to the wall!

Right well we achieved our desires
We just got the necessary scores
To pull it right out of the fire
Amidst a terrific uproar.

Now the famous Blackrock are defeated
It certainly was a surprise
And if anyone here contradicts you
Just tell them to stop telling lies.

Sure it was not the first time we beat them
We can make them look pale when we choose
When we meet them again we’ll defeat them
Long Life to the Gallant Old Blues!